The Story of Zagreb Comics: New Square Costumes

Check out costumes from the movie The Story of Zagreb Comics: New Square to get costume ideas for your next Halloween or costume party.

Movie Overview

New Square 1978 (Mirko Ilić Radovan Devlic, Josko Marusic Kresimir Zimonić, Igor Kordej, Ivana Radašević Nikola Konstantinović Kresimir Skozret Ninoslav Kunc ...) New Square, Zagreb behalf of young cartoonists gathered mainly around the weekly Sloga in the second half of the 1970s. The authors Radovana Devlić (1950-2000), Krešimira Skozret (R. 1951) Joško Marušić, (R. 1952), Mirko Ilic (R. 1956), Krešimir Zimonić (R. 1956) and Igor Kordej (R. 1957) have been introduced in the area of ​​graphic comic series of themed I iconographic innovations that have contributed to raising the general interest in the serbian strip. Group, can be the end of the 1970s broke.

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